About ChemNotez

The quest of humans to find the composition of the eternal universe is the very basis of learning about chemistry and our chemnotez.com is an embodiment of that quest to unravel the chemistry behind all things the universe is made of.

We at chemnotez.com take pride in providing everything under the sun about chemistry. Our fascination about the composition of this world is the beacon that guides us to provide you with all the aspects of chemistry.

Our years of experience in teaching students about chemistry and the evolving needs of students and use of technology has facilitated us to expand our horizons to a wider audience who are in search of answers to their complex chemistry topics. We endeavor to provide everything from organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, biochemistry and analytical chemistry.

Chemnotez.com provides study notes for students where they will find all the answers to all their questions about chemistry in a simple, easy yet elaborate and authentic manner to help thems master the concepts related to chemistry.

Our Authors

Meryn Philips

Meryn is a veteran in the field with over 20 years of experience in teaching chemistry to students. His extensive knowledge about the subject, nuances involved in addressing and approaching a question make him an indispensable choice in imparting education to students.

The most important part in education is the ability to simplify things and make it easier and simpler to understand so that it is ingrained in their memory and Meryn is a pro in that. This website is sure to surprise you in the aspect of how chemistry treated and taught.

Peter Hughes

A perfect partner to Meryn, Peter brings the exuberance of youth and energy to stay abreast of the latest innovations in chemistry.

His enthusiasm to track all the latest happenings and his flair for technology and presentation make him an ideal partner to impart the much needed study notes for students across the world.

While there are several avenues that teach chemistry, the perfect combination of these two will add a new dimension in how chemistry will be learnt by students.